Zetta Storage Controllers

Zetta Storage Controllers address the top storage and data protection challenges.

Zetta Storage Controllers can be connected to external SCSI, ATA, SATA and Fibre Channel subsystems to create high performance, On Demand Network Storage.

Zetta Network Storage is ideal for use as SAN, NAS or Unified SAN+NAS Storage.

In Fall 2004, we will release an upgrade that will seamlessly support iSCSI through the same framework.

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Solutions For
» Real-Time protection for Email & Databases
» Buying only as much storage as you need
» Instant Disaster Recovery
» Hitting backup windows
» Data Migration
» Dynamic Storage Expansion
» Offsite Data Protection
» Reducing Costs
High Availability

Zetta Server’s architecture avoids single points of failure (SPOF) to provide very high availability.

Patent-pending unlimited, instantaneous, snapshot technology allows you to recover from disasters instantly.

On Demand Storage

Zetta Server lets you provision storage to users from a common pool of physical storage.

Zetta Server offers a feature called thin provisioning, which empowers system administrators to allocate volumes of any size without installing the entire physical storage.

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How do you Zetta?
Storage Supersite
While capable of storing a practically unlimited number of snapshots, the Unified system will also support remote replication of both block and file data.
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